If you are a member of the press and you have further questions, please contact Mr. Michael Mansur, Director of Communications at (816) 881-3812.

If you want information about a filed criminal case in Jackson County, how do you obtain that information?
The Missouri court system maintains a searchable database of filed criminal cases. It can be searched at You can further check with the Director of Communications or the police agency  investigating the crime. Sometimes, there’s a short delay between the actual time of filing and the posting of the information on the courts searchable site.

What are hours of operation?
The Communications Office is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but the director of communications responds to after-our inquiries to his mobile phone or email, if possible.

Are video cameras and still photography permitted in court?
Please contact the court’s PIO, Valerie Hartman, ( about camera requests for court.

Can I obtain a mugshot of the defendant?
Contact the police agency that arrests the suspect as booking photos are a police record.

Why is information redacted from the documents released by the Prosecutor’s Office?
To protect the safety of victims and witnesses, Missouri law allows for protection of their identities. It also requires certain information, including social security numbers, be removed from documents released to the public.

Are all filed cases public records?
In certain instances, a judge may order the sealing of a criminal case until a defendant is taken into custody in order to protect the safety of officers.

Can I get information about an upcoming grand jury?
Under Missouri law, grand jury proceedings are closed to the public. Once a grand jury issues an indictment, however, the document becomes public.