1. The prosecutors in this office work hard each day to secure justice for crime victims and to improve public safety. Our goal is to keep the community safe and to make it a great place to live.

    As prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker welcomes visitors to this website, where they can learn more about the activities of the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.

    The office’s most essential task is the daily prosecution of criminal cases on behalf of crime victims. We file about 7,000 criminal charges per year, so that is a big task. But we also embrace our role in this community to work jointly with community partners to improve public safety with effective strategies that reduce and prevent crime, especially violence.

    Crime injures not only the victim, but also the community as a whole. So we know we need the cooperation of the entire community and its citizens to achieve the fullest measure of justice and repair the harm that follows crime – for the crime victim and for the community.

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