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Posted on: December 7, 2018

Defendant sentenced in 2015 murder of 3-year-old Amorian Hale

For Immediate Release:

Dec. 7, 2018

A Jackson County Judge sentenced Dominique Marchbanks today to 165 years plus a life sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections for the 2015 murder of 3-year-old Amorian Hale.

Prosecutors argued for sentencing in the case of State v. Dominique Marchbanks (1616-CR00608-01) today. Defendant was found guilty by a Jackson County jury as charged on October 9, 2018 after trial and stands convicted of Murder in the Second Degree, Unlawful Use of Weapon, and Armed Criminal Action in the shooting death of Amorian Hale (3 years old). In argument, Prosecutors Katherine Baker and Tim Dollar requested the Court sentence Defendant to consecutive counts of life imprisonment, thirty (30) years, fifteen (15) years, and thirty (30) years, respectively.

Members of the Hale family were present and addressed the court prior to sentencing.

Defendant was sentenced to life in prison on Count I Class A Felony Murder in the 2nd Degree, 75 years on Count II Unclassified Felony Armed Criminal Action, 15 years on Count III Class B Felony Unlawful Use of a Weapon, 75 years on Count IV Unclassified Felony Armed Criminal Action.

In a statement, Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker: 

“Amorian was a wholly innocent 3 year old. His life was callously taken from his family and this community. His contribution will never be realized because of this man’s cowardly act of spraying Amorian’s home with gunfire, fatally striking Amorian as he slept in his bed. We are grateful that Judge Harrell issued a sentence that acknowledges what was lost – not just a life, but a lifetime of potential, hope, and the kind of unconditional love that can only be given through a child’s eyes. Though 165 consecutive years, plus a life sentence will not restore our community, this sentence serves as a statement that violence in our community will not be tolerated.”

Judge Kevin D. Harrell heard argument from prosecutors and defense counsel today and issued his ruling from the bench.

When handing down the sentence, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Kevin D. Harrell said he "hopes you [defendant] will think about your [defendant's] actions and grieve Amorian Hale, who will never grow old."

For more information, contact: 

Jared D. Bustamante

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Jackson County Prosecutor's Office

Jean Peters Baker, Prosecutor


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