The goal of the Internship Program is to develop and train students who demonstrate an interest in the field of criminal law. Students will:
  • Assist the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office with the duties and functions the office provides the community
  • Gain invaluable real courtroom experience
  • Represent the State of Missouri in criminal proceedings under the direction of an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Career Relevancy

An internship will provide students with practical experience in the field of criminal law. Students will assist Assistant Prosecutors with:
  • Charging decisions
  • Docket and trial preparation
  • Motion drafting
  • Research
  • Witness interviews
Students will have numerous opportunities to appear in court and (depending on schedules) may participate in a jury trial.

Types of Internships

Legal Internship - 1st Year Law Students

Students who have completed their 1st year of law school are placed in offices where they will be involved primarily in legal research related assignments. They may assist in the preparation of felony and misdemeanor prosecutions and be allowed to observe courtroom activities. In addition, they may be asked to perform clerical work as required, including photocopying, delivering documents and the like.

Legal Internship - 2nd Year Law Students

Students who have completed their 2nd year of law school are eligible for State Bar Certification (Rule 13), allowing them to make supervised appearances in court as a certified law student. These students are involved in all facets of criminal case activity including:
  • Attending court
  • Being involved in sustained major legal research and writing projects
  • Conducting routine felony preliminary hearings and misdemeanor prosecutions
  • Handling guilty pleas and sentencing hearings

Internship Opportunities

Summer Internship Program

  • Deadline for Submission: For Summer 2020, the deadline is February 14, 2020. Decision will be made around March 6, 2020.
  • Essential Prerequisites
    • Completed 1 year of Law School
    • Criminal record check
    • Informational interview
    • Submission of pre-interview survey
  • Mid-May to early August
  • Unpaid
  • Work a minimum of 20 hours per week

UMKC Prosecutor Clinic

  • 3rd year of Law School
  • Deadline for Submission: See UMKC Career Services for OCIO guidelines regarding deadlines and interview dates
  • Essential Prerequisites
    • Completed 2 years of Law School
    • Criminal record check
    • Informational interview
    • Missouri Supreme Court Rule 13 Certification
  • Unpaid
  • Work a minimum of 10 hours per week

How to Apply

Interested students should upload a cover letter, resume and a Pre-Interview Survey - 
Click here to upload your files


The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office is an active equal opportunity employer.