The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office is committed to the compassionate, competent, and comprehensive treatment of crime victims and their families. It is a basic and essential part of being a prosecutor. The Prosecutor's Office and the Victim Services staff are here to aid the citizens of Jackson County.

Being a Victim or Witness

The moment your life was disrupted by crime, you were thrust into the center of the complex legal system. It can often be confusing and difficult. During this process, you might be dealing with physical or psychological trauma that may linger long after wounds have healed. You may feel all alone but you are not.

Victim Services Purpose

Victim Services staff is here for you, ready to help you through the process. To us you are the most important person in the criminal justice system. We are here to answer your questions no mater how small and to provide you with information, advice and encouragement.

Victim Advocate

Victim Advocates provide victims with information and assistance regarding the criminal justice process and crime victims compensation. The services offered to victims include:
  • Assistance in compiling victim impact statements
  • Assistance with filing victim compensation claims
  • Case status
  • Courtroom accompaniment
  • Emotional support
  • Information and referral to community resources

Victims Rights

Victim Advocates also assist victims in seeking services and securing their rights in accordance with Missouri Victims Rights Statute, RSMo 595.209.