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  1. Thu Hong Nguyen convicted in the deaths of two Kansas City firefighters

    A Jackson County judge Monday found Thu Hong Nguyen guilty of multiple felony charges related to the Oct. 12, 2015, fire in Northeast Kansas City that killed firefighters Larry Leggio and John Mesh, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced. Read more...
  2. Report on the 2018 KC Gun Summit, with video highlights

    Daylong conference on gun violence in Kansas City, the first planned in the nation, details the daily fears of living with gun violence, for students and community members, and new efforts to help trauma victims and reduce violence here. Read more...
  3. Markus Hayes sentenced to 15 years in prison for fatal shooting in 2017

    A Jackson County judge Friday sentenced Markus Hayes to 15 years in a Missouri prison for his role in the fatal shooting of Warren Jackson Jr. in January 2017 at 55th and Paseo in Kansas City, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today. Read more...
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